Bladder Control


Urinary leakage at inappropriate times, urgency or frequent bathroom visits impact the quality of your life. Bladder control problems prevent people of all ages to fully participate in their normal activities. In fact, there a 3 million people living in the U.S. who have bladder control problems that a large percentage are women. Hormone replacement therapy, pharmaceutical therapy, imagery, recondition and other mind therapies as well as evadri are just only a few tools of our armamentarium to help you out with your bladder control.

Dr. Raul Llanos’ extensive training and 34 years of private practice presents an opportunity to offer a more comprehensive approach to treating patients with bladder control issues.  This approach includes the traditional and complementary evaluation and therapies while incorporating preventative medicine to assist our patients to achieve a higher level of wellness.  We offer in office diagnostic evaluations and procedures that will help you re-discovered your bladder control. 

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