The Power Of Self Healing

Author Raul Llanos shares his experiences with self-development and actualization in this deeply personal work.

Raul Llanos sets forth a deep personal guide to self-help with the most absolute clarity and intrigue.  He draws the reader into the complexity and challenges of self-healing while presenting a simple and easy to understand explanation.  Based on his service to his patients as a physician, role as a self-provider and personal experiences as a patient and self-growth, Raul Llanos can share with the world the “Power of Self-Healing.”


In the everlasting journey of personal healing, Raul Llanos reveals how people can empower themselves by being responsible for their health, illness and experiences as a whole.  With this empowerment, people grow more grateful of their existence and strengthen their acknowledgment of the freedom of their choices.  Raul Llanos builds on this central theme to raise self-awareness and self-consciousness amongst his readers.  Most importantly, it will guide them in their journey on the self-healing process.


“We are in an opportune time to reveal answers to the questions of, ‘who we really are,’ ‘where we are coming from,’ and ‘where we will go,’” said Raul Llanos. Through the process of Self-Healing, we increase our awareness and consciousness of our challenges and the Power of our Self-Knowledge.


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